Always on Security Solutions

If you are like most of our customers, safety and security are a priority for your business. R&R offers a variety of security and surveillance solutions to help protect your employees, your facilities and your business.  We design, install and support standalone and integrated systems.  Choose Access Control, Intrusion and Video Surveillance solutions.  Contact us  today and one of our security specialist will discuss the what solutions are available.  We’re confident that your business will benefit from the ease of use and peace of mind that our security solutions offer.

IP & CCTV Video Surveillance Solutions

With our multiple IP video surveillance solutions (NVR or network video recorders), and CCTV/Analog (DVR – digital video recorders), we offer a wide range of products to meet your video surveillance requirements.

HD IP Cameras & CCTV Cameras

Our solutions designers take the time to clearly understand your specific requirements and are experts in deploying the right solution for your environment.  We offer a wide range of different camera manufacturers and models of cameras for both indoor and outdoor use.  Typically, IP and CCTV cameras are used to record video related to security, safety, loss prevention and operational efficiency.

security_softwareVideo Analytic

Video surveillance systems are most often used to capture video of a specific area of interest such as the inside of a facility, its perimeter or some other outdoor area requiring observation.  Video analytics is the practice of using computers to automatically identify things of interest without an operator having to view the video.  Some of the most commonly used types of video analytics include perimeter violation, license plate recognition and people counting.  Video Analytics enhance video surveillance systems by doing real time event detection and post event analysis to increase the overall effectiveness of your surveillance solution.

Video Management System (VMS) Software

We deploy industry leading VMS software solutions which create an advanced security environment, providing recording of many of the latest, state-of-the-art IP and CCTV (Analog) video surveillance cameras.  Our VMS is a feature rich, easy to use, client based software that installs on any standard computer running Windows, Linux or Mac OS-X.  It can connect to multiple servers creating a virtually unlimited amount of cameras and protection.  With proper sign-on credentials, you can access your cameras anywhere via a browser or mobile device.

Access Control

Whether you have 1 door or over a 100 doors, R&R offers scalable card assess control systems from industry leading manufacturers.  Offerings include centralized solutions where all device cabling is run to centralized locations, or single door solutions that are managed over the network such that multiple doors are managed as a single solution.  All software allows you to easily manage your solution, or if you prefer, R&R can maintain your system for you.


R&R offers intrusion protection solutions from top manufacturers.  Let one of our security professionals work with you to design a solution which meets your requirements.

arrow_01Peace of mind is knowing you have 24/7/365 visual access to your business!