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R&R has partnered with 1000’s of customers to design, implement and manage mission critical business platforms:

Voice and Data Infrastructure

midsection_01It doesn’t take long in the IT business to run across a data closet or data room that shows years of neglect rather than an organized, easy to maintain cable management system. At R&R we take pride in all of our work. So if you have a new project or if it’s time for some seasonal cleaning, give R&R a call and we’ll get you the cabling solution you desire. Read More>

Telephony and VoIP Solutions

alt="telephony_intro"Telephony and Unified Communications is much more than your old phone sitting on your desk. Whether at the office, away from your desk, or at a remote location, today’s worker needs to be connected. Find out how R&R can offer you a solution that keeps everyone connected. Read More>

Video Surveilance

security_camera At R&R Voice and Data we understand the importance of keeping your employees and facilities safe. We install and maintain state-of-the-art network IP video surveillance solutions and have been doing so for years. We offer industry leading cameras, servers, and video management software solutions. Read More>